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Boost your way to a new career in IT Support

A CompTIA A+ certification will help you get your foot on to a £60k+ career ladder, helping you gain employment as an enterprise technician, PC or support technician, field service technician or IT administrator.

Download our Top 10 Steps Guide with more detailed information on the how to build yourself a £60k+ career. You can also download a Case Study to learn how CompTIA certifications helped Daniel O'Sullivan on his career path at Venatrack.

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IT Support with CompTIA

CompTIA A+ Special Offer Bundle

Save up to £124

For budding professionals who want to get their IT career on the right track and achieve qualifications that employers such as Microsoft, Cisco and Intel are looking for, then invest in the CompTIA A+ coursework bundle. As well as foundation-level knowledge it also gives you practical advice on getting that first job.

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Other Bundles

IT Security
Get everything you need to qualify with CompTIA Security+ with this training bundle - study materials, integrated videos and exam voucher.

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IT Networking
Great-value training bundle includes study materials and exam voucher, with all you need to qualify with CompTIA Network+ - the definitive networking engineer qualification.

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Case Study

"I only qualified six months ago" says Daniel, "and I'm already earning a great wage in a career I see myself in for the rest of my life. In my last job I was bored doing the same thing every day. Now I wake up each morning knowing I'm doing something I love"
Daniel O'Sullivan
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