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Get ahead with our Top 10 Steps

Discover 10 IT career insights with CompTIA's Top 10 Steps Guide. Learn how to progress your career path in IT towards a £60k+ salary.

Step 1 Communication: Develop Your Skills

Only 45% of students taking an IT Management for Business degree recognise that communication skills are essential and most valued by an employer. If you cannot relay your ideas in a language senior management can easily recognise it may hinder your career progression. You need to be able to prove that, as an IT professional, you are not limited to 'techie-speak'. Ensure that you can communicate effectively and on equal terms with all departments on technical subjects, explaining how IT fits into wider company strategy.

Peter Breen, Partner at global executive recruitment firm Heidrick & Struggles, asserts that "It's depressing how many IT people bore the pants off their CEOs by talking about technology." You have to be able to communicate ideas on moving the business forward to your superiors in a way that can be understood and related to.

Step 2 Team Work: Show Potential To Lead

IT head hunter Cathy Holley argues that whilst IT professionals are often excellent at analytics and problem-solving, they struggle with the team environment of working with and managing people. If you cannot work with a team you cannot progress within it.

You should integrate within a team and energize others. Take the initiative and be a leader; cooperate well with those around you so that you work effectively as a unit. Notice the potential of others and what they could contribute if given the right opportunity.

Dan West, IT Director for Asos.com says 'Empowerment relies on good communication. You can't be a technologist to run IT. You need to be able to see value for the business. IT stewardship is all about results through leadership.' Demonstrate the ability to work alongside your colleagues, allowing you to be recognised as having the potential to lead them.

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